Saturday, October 6, 2012

It started off by making the frosting. It was seven minutes frosting. THE BEST.
Then, I put a mound of frosting on the cupcake.
THEN, I spread the frosting to the corners of the cupcake.
LASTLY, I frosted all of them. (:
I took a picture of me eating it. Excuse my bad picture skills and darkness.
I hope you enjoy this post as much I enjoyed making these cupcakes! (:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guys, I got my FIRST Bakerella book! I am SO excited..! I love it!
You should all go buy one. Right. Now. Just kidding.(: but seriously.
It's called, "cake pops" by bakerella. My favorite blogger. From what I have heard, there is a holiday cake pops book coming out this holiday season! :D well, I'm making cupcakes this weekend, so I will be sure to post pictures! Okay, here's something fun. Comment your favorite blogger in the comment box! See you soon!!! (:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Okay, school is REALLY keeping me busy. -__- It's like it DOESN'T want me to blog. / :
I am really sorry. I know y'all expected cupcakes, and i did too, but we are gonna have to wait a little while longer. Anywho, I'M SORRY TO DISAPPOINT.  ):

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I am officially going to try to post pictures saturday OR sunday. It depends..
Anyway, here's another story to keep you waiting.
      "OMG mom! This is THE BEST cupcake I have EVER tasted!" I said with my mouth full of fluffy chocolate cake and creamy vanilla frosting. It was nothing like I have ever tasted.
   "Well, good. It took me 2 years to master this recipe. I'm glad it paid off!" said my mom, relieved.
As I was licking my fingers and climbing the staircase to my bedroom, a thought came into my quirky mind.
      "I should be a baker!" I whispered to myself. I mean, I LOVE cupcakes, why not make them for a living?
   I ran back downstairs, careful that I didn't trip over that crickity step, and stumbled into my mom.

       "MOM, GUESS WHAT?" I practically yelled into her face.
     "What?" She asked questionably.
      "I officially decided that I want to become a baker!" I said enthusiastically.
     "Good for you sweetie, but I have to do some work. See you around 6." She said as she went out the door.
                                                           .      .       .      .     .

"Ahchoo!" I sneezed when a cloud of dust floated up my nose. 'Grandmas Recipe Book' the front cover said. I flipped through the pages, dog-earring all the recipes that looked good.
     There. It. Was. The legendary Red velvet cake that all my family members talk about. Right. In. Front. Of. Me.
    "I'm gonna make it." I challenged myself.

                                                            .      .     .      .      .  

After all the ingredients were out, I read the recipe step-by-step.
This was too easy.
Turns out, I was wrong.

                                                           .      .      .      .      .

With flour over the front of my t-shirt and face, I popped the finished product into the preheated oven. "Whew. That was hard work." I thought to myself. I cleaned myself off, and plopped myself on the couch to relax. I guess I fell asleep or something, because, precisely 28 minutes later, the oven beeped.
   Crossing my fingers these turn out well, I pull on the oven mitt, and take the cupcakes out of the oven carefully.
   They. Looked. Amazing.

                                                           .      .      .      .      .

All the red cupcakes were all risen to the exact height. "This was an accomplisment." I murmurmed.
     After I popped them in the freezer to cool, I whipped up a batch of my grandmother's famous cream cheese frosting. YUM.

                                                           .      .      .      .      .


I put a glob of icing in the piping bag, and picked up a cupcake. "Please let this turn out good." I told myself.
    It all comes down to this. I set the tip on the cupcake, and squeezed. I swirled until I could swirl no more.
    Eh. Well, The swirl turned out okay... lets just say it could have been better. But hey, it was my first time! I think I will stick to spreading for now....

                                                          .      .      .      .      .

Forget the chocolate cupcake my mom made! This is a hundred times better!
   The red velvet cake was delicious and the cream cheese frosting was excellent!

Yupp, I think I want to be a baker, I said with pride. (:

FYI, I made this all up. But yes, I do want to be a baker. (: <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hmm, be prepared for a long story. (;
   There once was a girl named Grace. Grace LOVED to bake! All day & all night! Well, if she could. Anyways, Grace saw a blog named Bakerella. Grace fell IN LOVE with it! She was practically, hmm, what's the word? OBSESSED. So, a few months later & a ton of research, Grace wants to make a blog. Like, Bakerella. No, Grace was NOT copying Bakerella, she just wanted to make a blog about her favorite passion, which is baking. Well, Grace sees Blogger. A blogging website. Whew, this solved most of her problems. So, Grace makes a blog called, "The ramblings of a 13 year old baker." Why, you ask? Because later on, Grace is gonna try to post pictures of various cupcake creations. Well, we will see how this is gonna work out.

This might be a little selfish of me, BUT,  if you want to go along the journey with me, you should comment below! So, I know who you are! Oh! And spread the word! Grace, The 13 year old baker, Is gonna be an inspiration to all you young bakers out there. (:

1. I want to own a cupcakery when I grow up!
2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. (preferably romantic teen books) (:
3. I HATE scary movies! D:
4. I want to meet Christian Bale & Julie Andrews.
6. I love comedy movies.
7. I just got new glasses today!
8. Bakerella inspired me to make this!
9. I am in 8th grade & in percussion & play piano.
10. I really hope people will read my blog! (:
Yes, I am 13 years old. Yes, I want to be a baker. But hey? There is nothing wrong with that! (: Join me on my adventure through baking, while having fun, and posting pictures!